DMR Dirt Wars Round 3 2019 Series Penshurst Bike Park


After a year away from Penshurst Bike Park (Due to possible changing of owners etc) we were stoked to hear that Mike still owned the Bike Park and that we would be able to hold a round there for the 2019 Series. The Dirt Jumps are set at the side of the Dh tracks in an awesome little quarry area which holds around 6 different jump lines catering for all ability's. The site also has a huge Cafe, Toilets, Showers, Camping Area and Gym. Open all year round.

We took over the quarry on the 21st July in the baking sunshine for Round 3 of the DMR Dirt Wars FMB British National Series and as always the jumps did not fail to provide the perfect setting for our riders to unleash their trick bags and throw it down big style.

With a lot of our UK Pro riders away at other engagements across the world (Comps, Birthdays, Injurys etc) ment we had low numbers in the Pro Class but the Open riders made up for it with a stacked Open Class and they didn’t fail to impress the spectators with the Ariel display.

With the Open riders having a choice of two of the smaller lines and the Pro riders getting the choice of the two big pro lines it was all set to go off.

With some new faces and a little legend coming out of retirement the Open Class almost tipped the limit of riders allowed to compete and all of them wanted to get on that 5 rider podium.

As always we hold seeding first to see what order the riders will drop in to the final and Open riders can out swinging straight away.

New face on the Scene Max Walter put out the 360’s, Tuc’s and No footed Cans whilst Anthony Brooks followed up with the Backflips and 360’s again followed by Lloyd Butlers 1ft X-Ups and Unturndowns. Seat Grabs seemed to be popular for another new face James Forbes where as Dave Pearce Martin (Fresh out of 3 year retirement from riding) was hitting out huge dumped 360’s and Nac’s (Gotta mention his huge 360 Transfer in the Final too).

Henry Turner went down hard on a tailwhip in seeding on his first run breaking his finger so was unable to continue (heal fast dude) so yet another new face on the scene Sam Hill (no not that Sam Hill) stepped up for Henry throwing out Backflip Barspins and 360 Barspins, unfortunately Sam had to leave before the final to catch a fligh home to Jersey..

Harry Bolton was on form as he has been all season with his Tuc to Tyre Grab to Tuc and his Barspins to X-Up as was young Finley Davies chucking out 1ft Cans, 360’s, Backflips and Tuc’s (We also have to mention Fin getting his first ever Tailwhip to dirt landing in the Final after all the kid is only 10yrs old).

Yet another new face Zac Michaelides came to show he had the capability of throwing a spanner in the works for some of the other riders with his Barrel Rolls, Backflips and super smooth 360’s whilst the 2nd Flying Scotsman Aiden McMillan didnt seem to be on his normal form whilst suffering from amplitude loss on his Tuc to Bar on the last (normally Aiden is an Amplitude king). After all the riders had 3 runs the seeding results were as follows. 1st Kerry Pert 2nd Joe Simkins 3rd Fin Evans 4th Sam Hill 5th Darren Eastall 6th Rhys Pryce Griffiths 7th Harry Bolton 8th Fin Davies 9th Aiden McMillan 10th James Forbes 11th Zac Michaelides 12th Lloyd Butler 13th Max Walter 14th Anthony Brooks 15th Dave Pearce Martin 16th Henry Turner
With quite a few Pro riders away it was down to 8 riders in the Class and with 2 getting injured in practice it cut the numbers down even more. The riders who were left really didn’t fail to wow the spectators with an insane level of riding. In seeding Saracen’s Alex Cahill was throwing out 360 bar to bar back, Kona’s Danny Stewart was pulling insane supermans, Privateer rider Cam Crozier was chucking out Backflip bar to bar.
Rose Bikes Harry Campbell was slaying huge frontflips, Identiti’s Alfie Stevens was spinning the Backflip Tailwhips and Dirt Wars rider rep Matt Scott was dumping massive 360s (proper nose down). After they had all unleashed half of their trickbags the Pro Seeding ready for the final was as follows. 1st Alex Cahill Saracen Bikes 2nd Cam Crozier Privateer Rider 3rd Harry Campbell Rose Bikes/Smuggling Duds 4th Matt Scott Dirt Wars Uk 5th Alfie Stevens Identiti/TSG 6th Danny Stewart Kona/Clan Stunt Team
With seeding out the way it was back to The Open Class and to see who would take the top 5 podium spots. 5th Place Finley Evans Superman, Barrel Roll, 360 Barspin to Tabletop 4th Rhys Pryce Griffiths Suicide to Barspin, 360 X-Up, Oppo 360 3rd Darren Eastall Tuc to X-Up, Backflip X-Up, 360 Tabletop
2nd Joe Simkins Backflip Tabletop, 360 X-Up, Backflip to 1ft Can Lander (side saddle) 1st Kerry Pert Backflip, Tailwhip, 360 Tailwhip (Super clean)

With Kerry Pert ending Joe Simkins winning streak it was time to see who was going to be taking home the cash prizes in the Pro Class.

With the level of riding being so high it was pretty clear to see the Pro riders were going to go all out to take a spot on the top 3.


6th Harry Campbell Rose Bikes 360 X-Up, Front Flip, Backflip 1ft Can

5th Danny Stewart Kona Bikes Superman, Tuc to Disco Can, Super Seat Grab

4th Alfie Stevens Identiti Bikes No Foot Can, Double Tailwhip, 360 Indian Air Seat Grab

3rd Alex Cahill Saracen Bikes 360 Barspin, Backflip Bar to Bar to 1 Hand X-Up, SuperFlip

2nd Matt Scott Dirt Wars UK Dumped 360, Backflip Tuc, 720

1st Cam Crozier Privateer Backflip 1ft Can, Backflip Tuc, 360 Tailwhip to Barspin.

At each round of DWUK we hold a Best Trick Comp sponsored by Bike Chain Ricci and Team MT3. This round the Best Trick was awarded by Dirt Wars Uk’s Clark Chivers to Matt Scott for his perfect 720. Well done dude!!!!

Thank you to Penshurst Bike Park for allowing us to use their awesome venue, thanks to all the Crew Riders and Spectators for an awesome day.

Photos Terry Stagg & Zac Michaelides

Video Edit Henry Aggar

Words Cliff Barbeary

Round 4 is at Radical Bike Park on the 4th of August 2019.

See you all there...