DMR Dirt Wars Round 4 2019 Series Radical Bike Park


What a shocker of a year so far 2019 has been, What with the cancellation of the Malverns Festival, The Ard Rock Enduro and now Boardmasters the UK events have taken a battering. Luckily we are in the position to postpone our events rather than so we can still run the full series.

After the huge cancellation of the GT Malverns Festival we had to re shuffle all of our dates and rounds. This ment Penshurst Bike Park took Round 3 (Instead of it being at the Malverns) and we had to go back to Radical Bike Park in Essex for Round 4 of the series.

Although the numbers were low (Due to date changes etc) this was the best round of the series so far with the levels of riding through the roof. The riders in both classes pushed their limits to the maximum.

Not only was there the podium to compete for in the Open Class, We also had a DMR Sect DJ Frame up for grabs for the rider we felt had progressed the most through the series so far.

We had young Harry Bolton in the Open Class throw down his first ever 360 Double Barspin, NS Bikes Zac Rainbow and GT Bikes Tom Isted throwing down Double Backflips, Saracen’s Sam Hodgson putting out Front Flip Can Can’s, Identiti Bikes Alfie Stevens boosted Double Tailwhips, Danny Stewart pulling huge One Handed Super Seat Grab’s, Matt Scotts Dumped 540’s, and Saracen Bikes Alex Cahill going to the moon on his huge Flairs and Oppo Flairs.

With both set’s of riders ready for the final it was time to see who was going to throw down what. Open Class 7th Pete Cox Nac Nac, Straight air, 180 on quarter 6th Anthony Brooks Backflip, 360, X-Up on quarter 5th Fin Davies Backflip, 360, Ally opp on quarter
4th Joe Simkins Backflip Table Top, Backflip Tuck No Hander, Table Top on quarter 3rd Darren Eastall Backflip X-Up, Double Truck Driver, Barspin on quarter 2nd Aiden McMillan Tuck No Hander to Barspin, Backflip Can Can, Barspin on quarter
1st Harry Bolton Tuck to Tyregrab to Tuck, Double TruckDriver, TyreGrab to Barspin
With the Open riders out the way and Harry Bolton taking his first 1st place at DWUK and the DMR Progression award (for progression throughout the series so far) it was time to unleash the big guns and see what maddness was about to go down. With Identiti Bikes Alfie Stevens rolling his ankle in the Practice before the Finals he was left on the sideline to watch his mates go hammer and tong to see who was taking the Top 3 spots.
7th Harry Campbell Rose Bikes Frontflip, Backflip One Footed X-Up, Crash… 6th Matt Scott Dirt Wars UK Backflip, Tuck No Hander, Dumped 540 5th Sam Hodgson Saracen Bikes Flipwhip, FrontFlip Tuck, Tailwhip

4th Zac Rainbow NS Bikes Flipwhip, Double Backflip, Barspin

3rd Alex Cahill Saracen Bikes Backflip Double Barspin, 3Whip, Oppo Flair

2nd Danny Stewart Kona Bikes Tuck to Disco Can, One Handed Super Seat Grab, Invert

1st Tom Isted Gt Bikes Corked 720, Double Backflip, Flair

This was the hardest round to judge at Dirt Wars EVER. The judges took Amplitude, Trick Difficulty, Execution and Flow all into account to have to judge this madness.

Well done to all riders in both classes as limits and boundaries were pushed yet again.

The Team MT3/Bike Chain Ricci Best Trick award for Round 4 was handed out to Saracen’s Sam Hodgson by young Open Class Ripper Finley Davies for Sam’s huge Frontflip Can Can in one of his final runs.


Massive Thanks to Radical Bike Park and their Team for allowing us to use their awesome venue again, Thanks to the DWUK Crew, Riders, Spectators and everyone else that made the day so awesome.

The next round is in a few weeks time at Ramps Dirt Park in Llanelli Wales on the 25th of August. We will see you there…...