DMR Dirt Wars Round 5 2019 Series Ramps Dirt Park

The Dirt Park at Ramps Skate Park in Llanelli came about in 2018 when the owner Adam Williams (Ex Pro Dirt Jump rider) decided he wanted some jumps at the facility in Wales. At present the site host’s a huge Roll in tower and two large jumps. Adam has worked really hard alongside the local council to plan out a full Dirt Park for the coming years with pump track, balance bike track and a whole range of jumps from small beginner tables to a pro jump course. We took over the jumps on the 25th of August for round 5 of the 2019 series and as always the riders really didn’t hold back. Not only was Dirt Wars going on at the Dirt Park there was also Bouncy castle’s, a Shooting Range, Toddles jump area, Air Bag, food and clothing stalls and music being played all day by Ramps own Jordy all laid on by Ramps Skate Park.

With the sunshine blazing and a large crowd it was time to see where the riders would stack up in there seeding runs. It’s crazy really as nobody seems to hold back in seeding anymore, all the riders seem to unleash their trick bags as soon as they get on course leaving it difficult for the rest of their runs and the finals as they have already fired their big guns.

Open rider Marti Pearce hit out with his first flips in competition which was a huge surprise which kinda set it off for the open riders as they all came out swinging including the welsh rider Rhys Pryce Griffiths as he threw out the suicide to Barspin. Larn Baldwin fresh back from injury was showing he was back and ready to compete putting out the Tuc to X-Ups and flip Tables. Same in the Pro Class Chromag bikes Joe Aldridge owns the double oppo Barspin whilst surprisingly GT’s Tom Isted was struggling with his first two seeding runs then on his third run pulls a Corked 720 then a 3Downwhip.


With all the riders through seeding it was time for a bit of course maintenance and lunch before the rider took to the course ready for the finals.

When Judging the judges cover Amplitude, Flow, Trick Difficulty, Execution. This means a rider could pull off a huge trick but with low amplitude and bad execution which could be beaten by an easy trick with high amplitude and perfect execution. First up were the Open Rider with best runs as follows. 7th Marti Pearce Tuck No Hander, Backflip 6th Larn Baldwin Backflip Table, Nothing to X-Up 5th Harry Bolton Tuck to Tyre Grab to Tuck, 360 double Barspin
4th Aidan McMillan Backflip, Tuck to Barspin 3rd Darren Eastall Backflip Barspin, 360 2nd Rhys Pryce Griffiths 360 X-Up, Oppo 360
1st Joe Simkins Backflip Tuck, Backflip Table to No Foot Lander
With the Open riders all wrapped up it was over to the Pro/Elite Class to see how they would end the day.. 7th Zac Rainbow Ns Bikes/Hotlines Backflip Tailwhip, 360 Tailwhip 6th Joe Aldridge Chromag/Letsavew 360 Table, Tuc to Oppo Barspin 5th Harry Campbell Rose/Smuggling Duds Backflip 1 Foot X-Up, Front Flip
4th Daniel Stewart Kona/The Clan Switch Leg, Switch back to Disco Can 3rd Cameron Crozier Privateer Rider 360 Tailwhip, 360 Down Whip 2nd Tom Isted GT/Fox Europe Corked 720, 360 Down Whip

1st Freddy Pulman Corsair/Smuggling Duds Backflip Double Barspin, Front Flip Tuck.

Not only did Freddy take first place overall for the day but Little Kolby chose Freddys Frontflip Tuck No Hander as The Bike Chain Ricci/Team MT3 Best Trick of the Day too. Little Kolby was feeling a little bit shy on the day so the award was handed out by little Jaxon Williams for Ramps/Praiseworthy Clothing.

Massive Thank You to all at Ramps Skate Park and Praiseworthy Clothing (you know who you are) for all the hard work put in before, during and after the event. Massive thanks to all My Dirt wars Crew, The Riders, Spectators and anyone who had anything to do with the event overall as it was an amazing day.


The next round is at Freddy’s Yard in Shute, East Devon EX13 7PY on the 8th of September followed by our rearranged Final at P.O.R.C on the 21st and 22nd of September (More info on this next week).


See you all at Freddy’s.