DMR Dirt Wars Round 6 2019 Series Freddys Yard


With 5 rounds already in the bag fro the 2019 series it was time for the penultimate round at Freddy’s Yard in Shute East Devon.

Freddy’s yard was constructed 3 years ago as a Training venue for Corsair/Smuggling Duds rider Freddy Pulman aswel as a home for The Dirt Wars UK Slopestyle course and for the last 3 years its proved to be the biggest and scariest course of the series. It houses the biggest drop and biggest jumps we have at Dirt Wars consisting of a drop to start into a huge step-up round a 180 berm off a boner into a 26ft double to finish.

This kinda scares our Open Class riders as only the real dedicated comp Dirt Jumpers seem to attend this round as the crash factor is pretty high as most found out through out the day.


After a final bit of course maintenance so smooth over a few bumps it was time to get the riders racked up and dropping in for their seeding runs (We don't like to call them qualification runs as we do seeding which then gives all the riders a second chance to throw it down in the finals in case they didnt quite get what they wanted in seeding).

Again as in previous rounds it seems like all the guy’s want to throw bangers all day long as nobody seems to hold back in seeding and everyone came out full guns a blazing..

In the Open Class there was not as much spinning as usual in their seeding runs with only Rhy’s Pryce Griffiths and Joe Simkins having 360’s in their runs although Harry Bolton did put down a worthy attempt on the last but failed. Marti Pearce (AKA McFly) was throwing out the steezy no footers and 1 handed tuc’s whilst the duo of Fin’s (Davies and Evans) seemed a little nervous with the course at first Little Fin Davies soon opened up with huge Nac Nacs on the last as did Fin Evans with his SuperMans. New comer Matt Clague was not holding back and was set to make a name for himself on the circuit throwing down Downside Tables off the Boner log and huge backflips over the first.

It was the same in Pro Class everyone was firing shots left right and centre.

Identiti Bikes Alfie Stephens Nacs were a thing of beauty as always as were his Inward Tables and Tailwhips, Chromags Joe Aldridge was trhowing out the steeze as always putting in 360’s, Nacs and Barspins, Joe unfortunatly took a tumble in Final Practice and was unable to continue riding (Heal fast Bro). NS Bikes Zac Rainbow has now mastered about every style of flip you can imagine and he was showing it to slaying Backflip Tailwhips, BackFlip Barspins and BackFlip Tucks whilst his partner in crime Saracen Bikes Sam Hodgson came out with a few moves that we dont offten see with the Backflip Candy Bar to CanCan and the Disco Can’s not to mention the huge stretched out Suicides. The Cornish Warrior AKA Rose Bikes Harry Campbell was out to podium bagging himself a 3rd place in seeding chucking out the Backflip 1 Foot to X-Up on the first and huge Front Flips on the last. Essex Boy and Pioneer Rider Cam Crozier boosted the drop with huge 360’s 360 X-Ups and Backflip Barspins but top of the seeding was taken by Corsair Bikes Local boy and Defending Series and Venue Champion Freddy Pulman Backflip Barspins, 360 Barspins and huge Frontflips. With all the riders done with seeding and the order of the final all racked up it was Final time and the riders were all out for those 3 podium places.
Open Class Final 8th Marti Pearce 1 footer, No Footer, 1 hand 1 foot 7th Fin Evans Table Top, X-Up, Superman 6th Harry Bolton Tuc No Hander, Tyre Grab to X-Up, Tuc to Tyre Grab to Tuc
5th Aidan McMillan Tuc, Toboggan, Backflip 4th Finlay Davies Tuc to Tyre Grab to X-UP, Tyre Grab, 1 Hand 1 Foot to Nac Nac 3rd Matt Clague BackFlip, Suicide, 360 Barspin
2nd Joe Simkins Backflip Tuc, Tuc, 360 X-Up 1st Rhys Pryce Griffiths 360 Barspin, Barspin, BackFlip Tuc No Hander
Pro Class Final 7th Joe Aldridge Chromag Bikes Did Not Score 6th Zac Rainbow NS Bikes Table off Drop, BackFlip Tuc, Tailwhip, BackFlip Tailwhip 5th Alfie Stephens Identiti Bikes 360, Tailwhip, Inverted Table, Double Tailwhip

4th Cam Crozier Privateer 360, Backflip 1Foot Can, 360 X-Up, 360 Tuc No Hands

3rd Harry Campbell Rose Bikes 360, BackFlip 1ft X-Up to Can, 360 X-Up, FrontFlip

2nd Sam Hodgson Saracen Bikes Tuc, BackFlip Super Seat Grab, Tuc to Bar, Frontflip Can

1st Freddy Pulman Corsair Bikes 360, Backflip Double Bar, 360 Tuc, FrontFlip 1 Hand X-Up

So Freddy stays King of his Yard for the second year running (Only beaten there by Matt Jones in 2017) and we are now only weeks away from the Final to see who takes the overall Series Title at Penshurst Bike Park (Formerly known as P.O.R.C) on the 21st and 22nd of September 2019.

Full details of this will be up on the website this coming weekend (14th/15th September).

So Freddy took the win in Pro alongside Rhys Pryce Griffiths in Open but it was Harry Campbell from Rose Bikes who took the BCR/Team MT3 Best Trick Award with his Backflip 1Ft X-Up to 1Ft Can.

Well Done to all the riders, Congratulations to the winners and Thank you to all who came along and made the day so awesome. Also huge thank you to Freddy’s Godfather Richard, All the Dirt Wars Crew, and all our minions who help with the clear up at the end of the day (Bob, Jack and Ethan).

See you at the final on the 21st/22nd of September.


Photos Cyclone Blue

Video Edit Ryan Nangle