Round 6 This Coming Sunday At Freddys Yard.

We will be kicking off round 6 at Freddys Yard in Shute (Near Axminster) in East Devon this coming Sunday (8th September)

Postcode for the event is EX13 7PY.

When you get to the carpark (Just off the main road) please ensure you park sensibly as this is the only route in and out for the EMS if needed.

DO NOT DRIVE UP TO THE TRAILS.. I REPEAT DO NOT DRIVE UP TO THE TRAILS Please park in the Carpark and walk up. If anyone drives up then they will be holding up the competition whilst we find out whos vehicle it is and get them to move it.

There are no facilitys as the trails are set in woodland area, There is however a Starbucks only 2 minuets away from the trails.

People wanting to camp on the saturday night please ensure you are at the trails before 6pm as its a private road with houses on and we dont want traffic up and down the lane all night.

As always spectating is free so why not come along and check it out...